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tankless water heater

Whether you’re replacing an old hot water tank or building a custom home on the peninsula, now is a great time to invest in a tankless water heater installation. Upgrade to enjoy energy savings and unlimited hot water on demand.

Considering a Tankless Water Heater? Check Out The Benefits!

With $20 billion in annual sales, tankless systems are one of the most popular water heating options worldwide. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, tankless water heaters are 30 percent more efficient than conventional models, especially in homes that use less than 40 gallons of hot water daily, and they can provide many additional benefits.

  • Tankless models don’t waste energy heating water around the clock.
  • Systems provide unlimited hot water throughout your house or at the point of use.
  • Because parts aren’t immersed in water, tankless water heaters last twice as long.
  • Units save space so that you can reclaim your closet or utility room.
  • Repairs are easier due to the accessibility of internal parts.
  • If the unit fails, the risk of water damage is minimal.

Tankless Water Heater Installations

Tankless water heaters are an excellent option for many homes whether you live in a small apartment or need a way to fill that deep whirlpool tub without draining your water heater. If you’re ready to make the switch, our plumbers can explain your options and assess your home. We install point-of-use and whole-house models that deliver two to six gallons of hot water per minute.

Customers can choose from products powered by natural gas, propane or electricity. If your home currently has a gas water heater, the supply lines and exhaust vents will most likely require modifications to comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations and local code requirements. Our licensed plumbers can secure any necessary permits to ensure that the system operates safely and efficiently.

Tankless Water Heater Repairs and Descaling Treatments

If you have no hot water or if you’re struggling with reduced output, our professionals can diagnose the problem and repair your tankless water heater. Our technicians service water heating systems made by leading manufacturers, including A.O. Smith, Bradford White, Rinnai and Navien. We stock all types of original-quality replacement parts, and we perform tankless water heater repairs seven days a week. If you’re having trouble with the ignition system, flame or gas supply, don’t hesitate to call our professionals. We also offer descaling treatments that can remove mineral deposits, extend the life of your water heater and increase its efficiency.

To see if a tankless water heater is right for your home, call Red Dog Associates. Free estimates are available, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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