Tankless water heating systems offer real advantages for homeowners in Servicing Delaware. These advanced heating options offer on-demand hot water for a wide range of household activities, including laundry, dishwashing and showers. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends tankless systems because of their long-term energy savings and the resulting lower costs of operation over the life of these water heaters. Here are three important benefits of installing a tankless water heater.

Tankless Systems Take Up Less Space

The home renovation experts at This Old House cite one of the most important advantages of tankless water heaters as the reduced architectural footprint required by these systems. Tank-type heaters have increasingly become larger thanks to increased insulation required by federal regulations. By contrast, tankless systems are designed to hang on the wall and to take up about as much space as a large suitcase.

Tankless Heaters Usually Last Longer

Your tankless water heater installation will usually last for 20 years or more with proper maintenance. By contrast, tank water heaters commonly last between 10 and 15 years before requiring replacement. This can justify the somewhat higher initial costs of tankless systems for most homeowners.

Tankless Systems Are Safer

Because tankless water heaters do not store the water they heat, these water heaters eliminate the risk of hot water leaks that could cause serious burns for the people and pets in your family. Tankless water heater installations also reduce the risk of bacterial buildups by taking away the environment in which these microorganisms can grow.

If it’s time to replace your water heating system, we can provide you with the best tankless water heater installation services for your home and your family. Call Red Dog Associates to request emergency repairs or to learn more about our lineup of services. Our team is here to serve you.

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