Don’t let allergy season put a damper on your fall fun. Here are some easy ways to keep indoor air fresh and reduce fall allergies as the weather cools down:

1. Ventilation Systems

Insufficient ventilation is the main reason for poor indoor air quality (IAQ). Tightly sealed Selbyville homes keep winter heating costs manageable. However, stagnant indoor air can become dense with allergens. Ventilators solve the problem by pushing stale air out and bringing clean air in:

  • Whole-house recovery ventilators replace polluted indoor air with fresh and preconditioned outdoor air. Increased ventilation dilutes allergens, vapors, gasses, microbes and odors. Recovery ventilators extract heat energy from outgoing air and use it to warm incoming air. That prevents energy from being wasted.
  • Ventilating dehumidifiers give you fresh air while balancing humidity levels. Too much humidity encourages biological growth. The system also has a MERV 11 filter for superior allergen control. These ventilators are ideal in hot and humid regions. They ventilate your home without adding moisture to indoor air.
  • Inline ventilators provide fresh air, manage humidity and regulate indoor temperature. This ventilator is controlled by a wall-mounted thermostat, and installation is fast and easy.

2. UV Lighting

Studies show that UV lights are highly effective in reducing the symptoms of allergies and asthma. The lights kill biological growth, fungi, viruses and bacteria using UV radiation. They can be installed in your ductwork to sterilize your HVAC or in your air handler to sterilize indoor air.

3. Air Purifiers

Using internal fans, air purifiers pull indoor air through a series of HEPA filters that trap particles like pollen, biological growth, dust and dander. Air purifiers can rid your home of up to 99.97 percent of airborne allergens.

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