Keeping the air in your Salisbury, Maryland, home clean and breathable can be tricky when volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are present. VOCs are gases that are given off by a variety of liquids and solids, but too much can be harmful. Here are three common VOCs and how to remove them from your home:


Ethanol is found in cleaning supplies, such as laundry detergents, glass cleaners, and dishwasher soap. When using these products or other cleaning products that contain ethanol, it’s wise to open your windows or doors to let the airborne chemicals out. Another solution to prevent poor air quality is to have an effective air filtration system in place to absorb the contaminants and filter the air.


Applying a fresh coat of paint to your walls can do wonders for revitalizing your decor. However, some paints contain toluene, a toxic liquid. When shopping for paint, try to get one that doesn’t contain toluene. If the paint does contain this VOC, make sure you open your windows and doors to help the air circulate during and after your paint job. If you have a DIY project, such as painting chairs or a table, do so outside or in the garage so the harmful VOCs don’t even make their way into your home.

Carbon Disulfide

You should keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. However, drinking chlorinated tap water can allow carbon disulfide to get into your house and your body, which could cause dizziness and headaches, among other problems. If you drink tap water, simply use a carbon or charcoal filtration system to filter out this harmful contaminant.

There are many things you can do to prevent VOCs from entering or staying in your home. To ensure your air quality is the best it can be, call the experts at Red Dog Associates. We will evaluate your indoor air quality and recommend filters and systems that will improve your indoor air quality. For more information, call us today at (302) 436-2922.

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