You need powerful and reliable heating in Lewes, Delaware. If you’re considering a new heating installation, today’s furnaces can be up to 30 percent more efficient than those of 10 years ago. Here are a few types of furnaces you can install in your home:

1. Gas Furnace

Gas heating is affordable heating. Jets of gas on a burner ignite hot combustion gas that raises the air temperature. Fans blow the hot air through your ductwork and into your living space. Gas furnaces are highly efficient. They have AFUEs of up to 98 percent. The average household fuel costs are about $700 per year.

2. Oil Furnace

These furnaces are commonly used by homeowners in cold areas where natural gas is unavailable. Oil furnaces cost about 25 percent less than gas units. However, with AFUEs of only 90 percent, they’re also less efficient. Heating oil will cost you three times as much as natural gas. An average household will spend about $2,500 per year on fuel.

3. Electric Furnace

These furnaces use electric heating elements to generate heat that warms the air. Electric units cost less than gas or oil furnaces. Because they’re smaller, they’re easy to install. They’re not as efficient as gas furnaces, but they’re more efficient than oil furnaces. Electricity costs are about $1,000 annually.

4. Modulating Furnace

Most furnaces are single-stage units that only operate at full blast. Modulating units constantly adjust their output to meet the heating needs of your home. They run for periods at slower speeds. Variable-speed blower motors provide a steady flow of warm air. Increased air circulation improves indoor air quality. Modulating furnaces cost more than single-stage units, but they’re significantly more efficient.

Red Dog Associates offers free home comfort consultations if you’re considering a new furnace installation. Call us at (302) 436-2922 to learn more about the types of furnaces we install.

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